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Different Pneumatic Actuator Types

There are many different types of pneumatic actuators. Each is created to fulfill a specific function, so each has its own pros and cons. Below you will find a list of different pneumatic actuator types. There are four types of actuators: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric. The simplest kind of actuator is always completely mechanical. More complex systems produce linear motions in one direction. The actuator that is most commonly used throughout different industries is electrically powered by either pneumatics or hydraulic power. It is less common, but electrically powered machines can work off spring systems.Pneumatic Controls

Round Line: They are non-repairable cylinders. This product is widely known to be long lasting and hard working. It is also rather economical too. They come in different bore sizes, as well as different mounting styles. Sometimes external guiding is needed, but that is only if high sides or moment loads are present.

NFPA: These tie rod cylinders boast a repairable and durable design. Just like a round line, they come in different bores sizes. You can also adjust the stroke length on this device.

Compact: A compact/flat cylinder is a great way to save on space when space is limited. They come in different shapes, such as circular and square. There is a between rotating and non-rotating, as well as between dual power and three position models.

Narrow Profile Air Tables: This actuator has a recirculating ball-rail that is above the cylinder bore. This means that high levels of accuracy can be achieved with the load guide. This actuator allows for high precision.

Twin Bore: This dual boar has a tiny cross section, so this piece can handle a good deal of force. It can handle the force, while still being smooth and not rotating. It also provides a high side load limit.

Rotary Actuators: This type of actuator is special because it creates a torque or rotary motion. Types of these are stepper motors and servomotors. These rotary actuators are used for many different industries and applications.

Valve Actuators: These machines are very important when it comes to automating process controls. These valves are used in the wastewater treatment industry, as well as other technical processing plants (like power plants and refineries).
Actuators are used throughout many different industries, and as you can see from above there are many different types. Each type has their own pros and cons, so it is important to know what the differences between these actuators.

Pneumatic Controls

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