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Solenoid Operated Micro Valves

Kuhnke manufactures 2 families of Micro Valves for use in compact devices supplying small volumes of air at fast switching speed and low power consumption. In addition to general purpose use, these valves are especially suitable for medical, dental and laboratory devices. Valves are 3/8 or 5/8 inch (10 and 15mm) wide and are manifold mounted using a modular manifold system providing a compact package that can be easily mounted alongside electronic devices to reduce control package size.

Micro solenoid valves are constructed using a durable plastic material (Pocan) and have encapsulated coils. A number of electrical connection methods can be utilized to customize an installation for easy control hook-up, and valves can be easily interchanged or replaced without long shutdown time. Standard units are designed for 24 volt DC applications. Several versions are available to meet specific flow requirements.

Push Button 10mm Low Power 2/3 Way
The Series 63 low power solenoid valve is a manifold mounted 10mm (3/8 inch) wide valve for compact installations where switching small volumes of air or liquids is required. The valve has a power consumption of 1 watt.The power saver version, which includes an electronic circuit built in to the coil body, reduces power consumption to minimum holding current of 0.2 watt.

Toggle Lever 10mm Standard 2/3 Way
The Series 63 solenoid valve is a manifold mounted 10mm(3/8 inch) wide valve with low power consumption, ideal for compact installations where small volumes of air or liquids are required.

Knob Operator 10mm Manifolds, Accessories
Series 63 Modular Manifolds can be built up to suit specific installation requirements. Components are available in 2 versions: for DIN rail, or surface mounting. Component sections consist of inlets, endplates, center supports, center inlets as well as valve bases. Special grommets, included with each module, are inserted between units to form a seal for internal common air supply and exhaust lines. Tabs at the bottom of each module interlock with adjacent sections to form the manifold. The module assembly is secured by tightening screws on the end modules to the panel surface or DIN rail.

Lever Operator 10mm Valve Options Chart
The chart includes standard and optional types of valves. For standard types, see the catalog pages. Contact us for information about other possible valve combinations. Not all combinations in this chart are possible.

Lever Operator 15mm 3 Way
The Series 68 solenoid valve is a manifold mounted 15mm(5/8 inch) wide valve with low power consumption, ideal for compact installations where small volumes of air are required.Accessories include modular manifolds and connectors.Valves are designed for 24 volts DC operation and feature a molded housing, viton seals, encapsulated coils and are mountable in any position. Optional seal materials are available.

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