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Solenoid FAQs

1) What voltages are available?

Although 24VDC is the most frequently requested we do manufacture a full range of DC voltage and AC is possible using a silicon bridge rectifier.

2) Can the solenoid push, or pull?

The majority of types feature either a push version or a pull version. For some a push/pull type is available.

3) Is it available with a return spring?

All rotary solenoids are available with a return spring. The HL series linear solenoids also can be obtained with an internal return spring.

4) What effects do differing duty cycles have?

100% allows the coil to be continuously energised. Below 100% restricts the time a coil can be energised but it does increase the force output.

5) How fast will a solenoid operate / cycle?

This depends on the mass being moved, the amount of movement required and the coil actuate/deactuate time.

6) How do force and stroke affect each other?

At the start of the stroke the force is low and it increases to its maximum at the end of its stroke. Generally a shorter stroke solenoid will produce a higher force.

7) Can the mounting and plunger be varied from standard?

Yes, but it depends upon complexity and quantity.

8) What is the standard surface finish and can it be varied?

Our standard finish is zinc plating. Other finishes are available and in some instances stainless steel components can be provided.

9) What effect would excessive heat have on the solenoid performance?

This will derate the solenoid.

10) Can more force or speed be achieved from the standard coil?

By increasing the voltage for a short time a greater force and speed can be achieved. But the coil must be allowed time to recover before the cycle is repeated.

11) Can the coils be encapsulated?

Heavy duty linear solenoids can be easily encapsulated. For open frame and rotary solenoids it is more difficult.

12) Can the solenoids be operated from an AC power source?

Not directly but using a silicon bridge recitfier as an interface allows a DC coil suitably rated to operate from an AC power source.
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