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Solenoid Selection Chart

This is an index of the Kuhnke solenoid options which you can find on this site. All relate to the standard Kuhnke solenoid product range. You can find out more by visiting the relevant page which includes a general description of each range and PDF pages for download OR download directly from this index.

 Rotary "D" Series
Up to 200Ncm torque. 25° - 95° rotation.

 Rotary "E" Series
Up to 450Ncm torque. 25° - 95° rotation

 2 Direction Rotary solenoids
"UD" Series. Up to 200Ncm torque.

 Linear "MM" Series open frame Miniature
Ideal locking applications.

 Linear "H" Series
Open frame. Many variants

 Heavy duty linear "V" series
Many variants. Can be encapsulated.

 Heavy duty linear "RM" series
6 stendard sizes. Can be encapsulated.

 Bi-Stable solenoids
Open frame and miniature. 3 sizes, many variants.

 "HT" series holding solenoids
No moving parts. 7 standard sizes.

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