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Why Should I Use Pneumatic Control Systems

Pneumatic systems play an important role in the performance of mechanical work. They are also commonly used to provide automated solutions. Compressed air is often used for the following functions:Pneumatic Valves

  1. Carrying out work
  2. Information processing
  3. Determining the status of processors
  4. Switching actuators

There are many reasons why pneumatic controls and pneumatic valves are used. Below, we want to go over the top considerations for using pneumatic control systems.

Overload Safe

These systems are safe because operating components can be loaded up until the point of stopping.


The energy source is nearly endless, which means maintaining the necessary amount for proper system functions is easy and inexpensive.


Pneumatic system components (pneumatic controls & pneumatic valves) have a simple construction that makes them inexpensive and not likely to break.


Compressed air is known to be a fast-acting medium. Users can achieve high working speeds with ease.

Explosion Proof

Pneumatic control systems are a smart choice when explosions are a concern. Compressed air has no chance of exploding, unlike gas and electrical power mediums.

Temperature Fluctuations

Compressed air is insensitive to large temperature fluctuations. A pneumatic valve is used in extreme conditions.

There are some drawbacks to pneumatic control systems that must be taken into account. These include:

Noise Levels

These systems have exhausts that are considered loud. When sound absorption materials and silencers are properly installed, the problem is largely controlled.

Pneumatic Valves

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