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The Effectiveness of Pneumatic Control Systems

Pneumatics is considered a branch of the engineering world that uses a gas or pressurized air to make systems work. Engineers commonly use these systems because they make a great economical and effective choice for many jobs. They are safe to use in a commercial building, as well as in more dangerous environments.Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic control systems function with compressed air that controls the system, including in the control of HVAC systems. Compressed air is carried along plastic and copper tubes that go from controllers to the control device for these systems. Damper and pneumatic valve actuators are some of the most important tools within the system. Controlling systems rely on sensors that either retain or bleed the line pressure. In these systems, compressed air is considered the communication method.

The top two reasons to use pneumatics include:

Pneumatic Actuators

These devices are the air-powered motors that are needed to control both valves and dampers. These devices require minimal maintenance, including adjustments. Selecting actuators that fail in desired positions is easy. It is more cost-effective to run pneumatic actuators of all sizes when compared to the electric variant.

Modular Components

The system's brain distributes pneumatic energy throughout the tubes and pipes using building blocks like pneumatic valves and pneumatic controls. Almost any control strategy can be employed using custom-designed pneumatic control systems.

Pneumatic Valves

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Pneumatic Controls

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