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The Future of Your Pneumatic System

  Pneumatic Controls

Some newer buildings have moved away from using pneumatics for HVAC control. Within the last 10+ years digital devices have been invented and installed. Some argue that that the control of digital systems is better than that of a pneumatic control, but that is not always the case. Claims that digital will increase energy efficiency and will lower operating costs do not factor in the whole process of going digital. Sometimes, the cost, energy, and waste created to remove old systems and install new does damage to your wallet and the earth. Retrofitting a new system in an existing space is not simple or quick. Buying a washer/dryer, oven, or refrigerators, especially ones that are green conscious and eco-friendly, can save you money in the short and long run, but removing old and installing new is drastically different between simple household appliances and a large scale retrofitting of technology.

There are different parts of pneumatic controls when it comes to HVAC systems: you will have valves, actuators, controllers, and more. Each of these components becomes waste that must be recycled. If not, then it will simply end up in a landfill where it will not disintegrate.

You must also think of the cost of building and the cost of transportation. How much energy is being used in order to build a new system, ship it to you, and install it? A lot more energy goes into that process than simply changing a broken valve or two on your current pneumatic system.

Upgrading portions of you current system, either when you need or when you can, can increase the life of your system by years, and it is arguably as green, if not more, than getting a completely new system. Getting repairs when your system breaks down can also be greener than replacing. Trained engineers can get your system running like it was brand new.

Pneumatic Controls

There comes a time when your machine will breakdown beyond repair, or at least to the point where repair becomes too costly and less green. That is the time to consider getting new systems. In the mean time, you should focus on maintaining your current pneumatic system. When you are considering how to make your building more green and energy efficient, it is important to think about the whole picture and not just a small portion of it.

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