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Pneumatic indicators, counters


Pneumatic Indicators

Different jobs call for different tools. Some jobs only function when exact tools are used for the job. At ELLIS/KUHNKE we take this fact into account every day, and that is why we house such a large warehouse of prefabricated and stock products ready to ship to you immediately. It is all well and good to sell one great product, but in terms of pneumatic indicators and pneumatic counters you want a wide range of great choices. You may think that pneumatic functions are not complex and varied between products, but that is not the case. Our mission is to fully understand, develop and expand, and provide the best possible pneumatic devices around.

Our Pneumatic Visual Indicators 15NF Series are leaders in their class. These NF indicators give a two-color visual indication of the air pressure in your system. We provide these devices with the possibility of changing the two colors (our catalog has the full breakdown of all your color options). The system provides you with two modes for operating it. You can move the adjustment clip, which will allow the indicator to work with a spring return for pressure/no pressure indication. You can also use the second port, which remains in the switched position until another pressure signal is applied.

Our Panel Mounted Indicators give visual signals if there is or is not any air pressure in a pneumatic system. If you look through the viewer and see a black background then that indicates no pressure. If you see a color then there is the pressure in the system.

The Pneumatic Timer PT Series that we provide is a changeable and accurate time delay for a pneumatic device. The timer combines pneumatic timing with a floating spool valve. This is what allows for such a wide range in adjustable time control for a fluid power system. The timer operates separately from the control pressure.

Pneumatic Controls

Our full catalog is very extensive, and so above are just a few of our best selling items. Our catalog has full descriptions and specs for each and every one of our products, but we also have trained professionals standing by ready to take you call. Even if you don't know what you need exactly, we can help you.

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