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Waste Less Energy Using Pneumatic Control Systems

There are four common ways that compressed air systems begin to waste energy. Eliminating leaks, reducing over pressurization, stopping misuse, and avoiding pressure drops will ensure effective compressed air systems. Without taking the time to prevent these problems, most people tend to spend more money than necessary.  The United States Department of Energy claims that between 10 and 30% of all energy used by industrial facilities is devoted to compressed air. They go on to claim that up to 1/3 of that air is wasted. Taking the time to make sure compressors are properly performing will prevent wasted dollars and air. Learning about the most common ways in which air is lost will help you identify problems early on. We sell pneumatic control systems, like pneumatic valves, that are designed to have systems run optimally.

pneumatic controls

The most common problem experienced is leaks. The Department of Energy estimates that between 20 and 30% of a compressor’s output is wasted as a result of leaks. The same department has devised a formula to calculate how much leaks are costing. Smaller leaks are common. If a system had ten holes that were 1/32 in size—at a pressure of 100 psi—it would have a leak rate of roughly 1.55 cfm2. Losing $2000 or more throughout the year is possible.

The next most common problem is misuse. Common misuse problems include creating vacuums, dirt or powder, and ejecting faulty products from the assembly. Understanding specific applications and what devices work best in them will prevent problems.

Be careful of over pressurization. The pressure is regulated by the main pressure switch on the compressor. Each different pneumatic component has different operating flows and demand. When users operate all of them at mainline pressure, it is possible to waste energy and significantly shorten the lifespan of the equipment. Pneumatic pressure regulators let the air get delivered to tools at desired rated pressure.

pneumatic controls

Pressure drops are considered the loss of power that is available to do necessary work. The cause of drops should be eliminated at the source to save energy best.

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