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Safety While Using Pneumatic Systems and Tools

Pneumatic systems are frequently employed when other traditional energy sources are deemed unsafe. Pneumatic devices and tools are commonly used instead of combustible liquids and high-voltage energy. 

Pneumatic Valves

Just because pneumatic devices are used to keep materials and people safe does not mean that safety precautions do not need to be made when using pneumatic systems. Below, we will be going over a small list of safety measures people should implement when using pneumatic control systems.

  • Compressed air can cause severe damage to people. Never spray anyone with compressed air and never let compressed air enter a human cavity, like the nose or ear.
  • When compressed air is released through the exhaust, the air will contain oil droplets and other particulates that can damage the eyes and respiratory system. 
  • Compressed air in pipes can cause explosions even if the reservoir is relatively low.
  • Prior to switching systems on, the whole circuit should be inspected for possible loose parts, damaged pipes, or any abnormal pressure.
  • If leaks are detected while using a system, work should immediately stop.
  • Do not make any changes (big or small) to your system while compressed air is still turned on. Turn it off first.

Pneumatic Controls

Contact us for more information on staying safe while using pneumatic systems. We carry a full-line of pneumatic valves, pneumatic timers, and pneumatic indicators. We can help ensure you use your tools safely.


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