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Pneumatic Cylinders

The reason for a pneumatic cylinder is to produce force from the compressed gas. This energy is produced in linear motion. Pneumatic cylinders are also known as air cylinders.

There are several different types of pneumatic cylinders, and each one has a set of functions. The functions depend on the needs of the market. Each pneumatic cylinder has a distinct size and appearance. The ready market where you work will determine which type of pneumatic cylinder you will need.

One type of pneumatic cylinder is a single-acting cylinder. The single-acting cylinder is the smallest in size of all the cylinders and it creates a driving linear force. The driving linear force is generated from the pressure of the compressed air by the piston. The piston then springs back to its original position. A single-acting cylinder is ideal for those who need little application because it has a limited extension.      

Another type of pneumatic cylinder is a double-acting cylinder. This kind of cylinder is perfect for individuals who need expanding application. It can perform extended and retracted strokes. The stroke of the double-acting cylinder is not limited which makes it a great purchase.

One more type of pneumatic cylinder is a multiple stage telescoping cylinder. The multiple stage telescoping cylinder is a combination of the single-acting cylinder and the double-acting cylinder. This kind of cylinder allows for longer strokes than other cylinders. The multiple stage telescoping cylinder works well for individuals who work with applications that require minimal side loading.

There are three distinct types of cylinders for purchase. Each one has its set of characteristics. The types of applications an individual is using will determine which cylinder will work best. Buyers should consider the size and shape of the cylinder before purchasing. The characteristics of the pneumatic cylinder, including pneumatic timers and pneumatic valves, should also factor into the buying process.

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